THE ESSENCE of style and our approach to the word luxury.

Cidenna is defined by its simple, unique layers of textures, patterns and eyes striking designs.

Cidenna, a global fashion brand far-reaching the corners of the globe with its High end, Edgy and upscale designs. Cidenna founded in the winter of 2019, is evolving itself into a fashion maven in a modern-day industry for the luxury streetwear culture.

Inspired by the heart of Atlanta Georgia Cidenna was created by Afro-American designer Khalil Walthour with a vision to bring high-end fashion to the closets and streets of the common people of today’s ever-changing styles and new culture.

Ever a student and muse of today’s hip-hop global fashions and music. Cidenna brings an ensemble of casual comfortable true to fit styles for the everyday person whether dancing in Coachella stands, walking red carpet events, or a night out with friends.